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Making An Offer On A Wirral Home


If there’s one thing I’ve learnt from my experience of representing buyers as their personal agent, It’s that selling agents like an easy life when buyers are making an offer on a property.

So, you’ve found a Wirral property that ticks all the boxes and you’re planning on making an offer in the near future. It’s CRUCIAL you show the estate agent that you are a keen, organised and proactive buyer.

Remember, Estate agents not only advise their clients on price and proceed ability but also the buyers motivation.

You are going to want to package yourself as the preferred buyer as there may be multiple people offering, there a few simple ways of doing this.

Firstly, speak to the agent marketing the property and submit your offer verbally AND proactively follow up with an email! The email is CRUCIAL (and believe it or not, very rarely done) in the email, you are going to supply all the key information an estate agent needs and will ask for as the offer proceeds through to the seller:

  1. Buyers Full Legal Names and Date of Birth
  2. Buyers Home Address
  3. Your Buying Position: i.e. current property on the market, nothing to sell, buying to let, first time buyer etc. If you have accepted an offer on your current property then also supply your estate agents name and contact details.
  4. Your Chosen Solicitors Details: If you haven’t yet chosen one, don’t worry, just say you are happy to use the agents preferred solicitors, this will really go in your favour. (The reason for this is many agents receive a ‘kick back’ for referring work. They should also make you aware of the fee)
  5. Your Mortgage Advisors Details: Company, Advisor Name, Address, Email, Contact Number.
  6. A Copy of Your Mortgage Agreement in Principle: This is very important as it will show the agent you are organised and know how much you can afford
  7. Proof of Mortgage Deposit or Cash Available: Evidence that you have the money needed for you to proceed with a property purchase. Usually a bank statement showing you have the money in the bank.
  8. Any Preferred Dates For Completion: Maybe you have to give notice on your rental property or maybe the buyer of your current property has requested a certain date. If you can be flexible let the agent know.
  9. Finally, your offer amount


Sellers across the Wirral want to find the right buyer who’s going to proceed and complete the transaction. By following this offer process you’ll be setting firm foundations and help your offer be accepted by showing the agent that you are a serious, motivated and a proactive buyer.

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