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Debunking The Myth: Is The Wirral Posh?


A fairly common question that is asked when people move to the Merseyside area is “Is the Wirral Posh?” and to answer this question, there are a number of things that you need to consider.

Typically, when you imagine someone who is “posh” then you would tend to imagine someone who is upper-class, snobby and has more money than sense. In Merseyside, there are an abundance of areas that could be considered posh but there is much context needed before coming to this conclusion.

While the Wirral is a very diverse place, if you are looking for a home on the peninsula, the definition of “posh” relies on a number of factors. Throughout this blog post, we are going to be walking through some of the key aspects of the Wirral and its posh reputation.


The Wirral Peninsula

The Wirral is one of the most diverse places in the North West, with all kinds of people to meet and great landmarks to visit if you choose to move here.

From New Brighton to West Kirby, there are plenty of beautiful places to visit on the Wirral while also providing cosy accommodations for you and your family.

The Wirral is roughly 15 miles long and 7 miles wide making it very easy to navigate the entire peninsula via car or the diverse network of public transportation routes that run throughout.


Separation Of Wirral Counties

One thing that is important to note when considering the question “Is the Wirral posh?” is the difference between the counties of each area, since it is split into two.

The more northern areas of the Wirral are counted as being in the Merseyside county and the southeast side are known as parts of Cheshire. This contributes greatly to how these areas are viewed.

The given reason for this is due to a government administration however there have been many correlations made with the lessening of the scouse accent as you move more southwest through the Wirral.

Having an area in the Wirral that is viewed as “posh” among the general populace tends to be judged quite heavily by the strength of accent or lack thereof. For instance, areas like Birkenhead have rather strong accents similar to Scouse whereas places like Ellesmere Port and Neston have their own share of regional accents in Cheshire.


Commonly Recognised “Posh” Areas

The Wirral is comprised of various types of people and places from top to bottom giving some places the title of “posh” while others don’t. As we have briefly mentioned above, places such as Birkenhead are not viewed as posh while places like Thurstaston are.

The places in which you are least likely to hear traditional regional accents are as follows: Caldy, Parkgate, Little Neston, Ness, Heswall, Thurstaston, Irby, Raby, Burton, Puddington and Thornton Hough.

The Wirral was previously divided into areas closer to Liverpool’s dockyards and people who are more accustomed to city living against the rural areas on the south side of Wirral which were filled more with farmland and small marketplaces.

This division meant that the Liverpool accent would fade further toward North Wales and Chester you travel, also resulting in bigger houses being available to buy and more open spaces.


Wirral House Prices

If you are considering moving to the Wirral, it will be very important for you to understand the housing market before making your decision.

Typically, the most commonly bought homes in the area are three-bedroom semi-detached houses, but how much would these cost? The answer entirely depends on the area in which you are looking at.

The more traditionally desirable areas of the Wirral such as West Kirby or Greasby have much higher house prices than places such as Birkenhead or Rock Ferry.


Estate Agents Wirral

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